Mister Zimi 2012/13

24 Oct

The latest range has been available for less than 24 hours and I could not wait to snap up my Mister Zimi purchases for the season. I felt that I needed a little variety, having already purchased three tina dresses from last season and one pussybow tie dress, so I compromised with a sleeveless tina in the diago print, and, since I was paying the postage, decided to be smart and opt for zig zag print tina dress which I figure could be worn through until next winter.


It’s Black, It’s White

3 Sep

So my new ban on spending lasted a whole twelve hours.

Yesterday’s issue of the fashion section in The Age featured a pair of black and white vertical stripe jeans. I had seen them a lot on social media but wasn’t sure I could pull off the look. In a recent email from The Zoe Report it was mentioned that the runways of A/W fashion week consisted of mainly black and white and with that justification, as well as the fact that Melbourne surely has a few more weeks where it will still be cool enough to wear jeans, in mind I proceeded to do my research to find a pair to my liking at the most affordable price.

My search lead me to ebay where I was able to find the Motel jean for 25% cheaper price than I could find in store here at a buy now rate or for a third of the price if I was happy to settle for a pre-owned pair. Dilemma. The auction was to finish at 5.30am Australian time so I would sleep on it and if the price was right when I woke up I would go for the cheaper pair at auction. Upon wakening the pre-owned jeans were at a price only $5 less than the price of the new pair so I opted for that option. I truely feel for the silly people who have forked out so much for pre-owned jeans.

Now the waiting game for when I can expect these amazing pants to arrive at my door.

Saving Fail

2 Sep

I gave myself the challenge, avoid spending money for a month and reward yourself with a Marc Jacobs watch. Good in theory, not so good in practice.

I did make the month without spending any money, but rather than going out and rewarding myself with the piece of jewellery I have been lusting over for more than a year, I went on a massive spending binge. I have purchased One Teaspoon Original Hawks shorts, a Sportsgirl ‘mullet’ dress, Karen Walker ‘Super Duper Strength’ sunglasses, a floral shorts and blazer suit, a pair of leather pants, a ‘By Johnny’ dress and a pair of vintage print shorts all of which total way more than I was hoping to spend. I really can’t stop!

Not surprisingly my list of ‘must haves’ is coming to a point where there are only a couple of things I am really craving for the months ahead, otherwise I am happy with the way that my wardrobe is looking. Unfortunately, on the other hand, I’m not so happy with the way my bank account is looking.

Instagram Stalking

5 Aug

I know I have mentioned this before but Instagram has quickly become my go-to for fashion. I have spent countless hours ‘stalking’ the Instagrams of the rich and famous, Australian ‘A-List’ celebs, fashion publications and the people that they follow.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this pair of boots that I fell in love with; very similar to my Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Cutout boots. The girl who had posted them on her Instagram was asked by countless people who they were by but she didn’t reply. A few days later she posted them again saying she was selling them as they were too big for her. Again people were asking who they were by but she would not tell. These people were offering up to $350 for the boots and I can see why, they are amazing! I began to Google search the characteristics of the boots; cutout, pointy toe, black. Nothing.

Tonight my friend posted the boots I have been lusting over on her Instagram. How did she come across them? After asking she proceeded to send me a text message directing me to the site as she wanted the location of the boots to remain a secret, and a secret it will remain. Being the amazing person she is she allowed me to also purchase the boots as she said they were too beautiful to not buy and with 20% off for new customers they were a steal. (ps. RRP was NOWHERE near $350)

So here they are. The new addition to my shoe collection. Having spent basically everyday in my coltranes since I got them I think they will be happy to share the load.

Who Can Resist a Bargain?

4 Aug

Some people browse real estate, some enjoy spending hours on Pintrest, I browse fashion.

I have been loving the printed t-shirt dress trend which is emerging so when I found one on Asos for under $30, and with the caption box saying ‘low stock,’ I couldn’t risk missing out on the bargain. This dress could be prettied up with a pair of white sandals or grunged up with black boots.

Spring is around the corner

31 Jul

Okay so I might be getting a little ahead of myself… it is only the 31st of July and still very much winter, but I can’t help but get a little excited for the warmer weather.

As I browse through my ‘Shop til you Drop’ magazine and look at the list of essentials for spring/summer 13 I start to mentally tick off the items I already own. A little white dress, tick. A bomber jacket, tick. Asymmetric split hem skirt, tick. Metallics, jumpsuits, tick tick. As I continue to turn the pages I notice that my wardrobe it sufficiently lacking in a couple of areas. Always being one for efficiency why not knock off two (or three) birds with one stone? (so to speak).

Pastels, neon, florals and print pants will not only be a hot trend but practical work wear for me to look professional and also cope with summer airconditioning levels. Asos has a wide range of print pants  to choose from in a range of styles. I settle for two pairs of floral pants, one with neon tones and one in a pastel yellow. I know you may be thinking ‘didn’t she buy floral pants not that long ago?’ The answer is yes, but I have a very good argument.

Number one: My floral pants have a large floral print, these ones have a small print.
Number two: All three pairs have different colours and tones.
Number three: Whilst shopping the other day I saw the print of my floral pants used in a pair produced by Dotti. Not that I have anything against Dotti, they are just a little too readily available for my liking and would prefer that the effort that went into the selection of my pants all those months ago was recognised. Is that too much to ask?

My fourth, and final, reason for making this purchase is purely that as I start my last semester of uni next week I fear that the days I can use my 10% discount at Asos are slowly dwindeling away. It may only save me as much as a cup of coffee but as a student any amount you can save on a purchase is a win.



My name is Kate and I have a shopping addiction…

29 Jul

It has been a long, hard week; not for me, for my debit card.

My discovery of Instagram and subsequent ability to lust over the clothes of the people and stores I follow means that I am able to access fashion trends 24/7. Instagram has also opened my eyes to a whole new way of online shopping. My new favourite go-to for vintage clothes at the moment is Pretty Drifters Vintage which posts a range of items from blazers to floral dresses, denim cut offs to footwear. Their prices are also very reasonable, scoring myself an oversized mustard jumper and red blazer for $20 each.

Instagram also opened my eyes to my new found love of neon colours for the upcoming spring/summer. The Fairground Kimbra Rainbow Skirt appeared on my feed last Saturday and within minutes I was searching Google to see which online shopping site could get it to me the quickest and the cheapest. I was also lusting over an image that oneof my favourite Melbourne boutiques Green With Envy posted of the Sass and Bide Dancer singlet in a melon colour which will look amazing with my summer fake bake skin, and my new Fairground skirt come the warmer months. They also posted an image of the Helmut Lang Front Wrap Skirt a few days later which looked so incredible on that it was all I could think about for two days until I could make it into the store to purchase one. It may black, but the cut is perfect for transeasonal weather and would look amazing with ankle boots and a grey tee.

I also looked to chainstores this week to provide me with basics that I will need to go with these purchases. Luckily for my bank account Supre was having a sale online with sleeveless shirt dresses going for $10. At those prices it would be silly to stop at one right?! And while I was on a spending spree I couldn’t leave the black sheer shirt with neon pink collar and neon pink triangle necklace at Sportsgirl behind.

I might be a sucker for a fashion trend… obviously! but if there is one trend I will not be rushing out to buy this season its ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’


Pretty Drifters Vintage Mustard Jumper


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